People United Against Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s Homophobic Comments presents


Japan, Make It a Nation That Can Say "NO" to Discrimination!

-A protest against Governor Ishihara’s homophobic comments-

What Did Gov. Ishihara Say?

On 3rd December 2010 when speaking to the Parent Teachers Association in Tokyo, Governor Ishihara referenced the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Healthy Youth Development, and said, "It’s not just for the kids, homosexuals appear on TV as if it was no big deal. In Japan, things are way too uncontrolled. I will see to it [the revised bill’s passage] with a sense of mission."

On December 7, at a press conference at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Ishihara said, "I feel there’s something missing [in them]. Perhaps it’s because of their genes. I feel sorry for them for being a minority." He also said, "I once saw a gay parade [when I visited San Francisco on official business], and felt really sorry for them. I saw male pairs, females pairs, and I feel they are missing something."

The comments were made in midst of Tokyo’s Human Rights Week, in which "discrimination based on sexual orientation" was listed among items emphasized for the enlightenment activities for 2010.

In an article about "deterioration of Japanese qualities", Shintaro Ishihara also wrote;
"I don’t mean to discriminate, but a homosexual man dressed in female clothes being featured in a women’s cosmetics commercial would not be tolerated in Christian and Islamic socieities. I don’t believe Japan should solely be a country that allows [such display of homosexuality]." (Shukan Post, 25th February, 2011)



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